These are some of the events I have or will be attending or running:

7:00pm on 2nd October 2013 – Bipolar UK’s Reading Self Help group

I am talking to the group about a variety of complementary therapies and how they can be of benefit to Bipolar sufferers. I will include Hypnotherapy, CBT, Reiki and Massage as well as one or two others.

I will also offer a group relaxation session as the end of my talk.

If you suffer from Bipolar then this organisation may be very valuable to you.  Click here for their website.

14th – 15th September 2013 – Austin Advanced Hypnotherapy Conference (Imperial College, London)

I will be giving a talk entitled “Successful Business to Business Selling for Complementary Therapists” on Sunday 15th.

Complementary therapists deliver programmes which could provide a wealth of benefits to companies and organisations in the form of reduced staff absence, improved performance, enhanced staff resilience and better communications. Often however therapists are so anxious about ‘selling’ that they do not do themselves justice when in these situations or avoid them altogether.

This talk will provide a easy conversational framework for selling and some tips and techniques that will come in useful in business discussions.

More information on the conference can be found at:

25th June to 30th June 2013 – Glastonbury Festival

Once again I am privileged to have been accepted to work in the Healing Field at Glastonbury Festival.  I will be talking about, demonstrating and using Hypnotism, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and Reiki to help festival-goers and staff overcome problems and challenges… or just to chill out and enjoy a few minutes of relaxation.

If you are going to the Festival, why not spend some time in the Healing Field?  There is plenty to experience so please come and say hello.

Hope it stays fine!

Here is a link to the Healing Field page on the Festival website.

17th January 2013 – Business to Business Selling for therapists at the James Braid Society meeting, London

I presented a talk with some tips and techniques on how complementary therapists can be more effective at selling their programmes of work to businesses.

More information on the James Braid Society, an informational, networking and social club for Hypnotherapists can be found here: James Braid Society

7th December 2012 – Pamper Evening in aid of Tadley School

I am looking forward to being able to help people to relax, feel calmer and more positive (especially in the run up to Christmas) with my ‘Rapid Mental Massage’ process.

More details from:

1st July 2012 Festival of Spirit, Thatcham, Berkshire.

I will giving a talk on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and how Hypnosis complements that approach to change as well as providing quick taster sessions of Hypnosis and Reiki.  All proceeds in aid of the Air Ambulance. More details are available from