Stress Management Workshops

I run Stress Management workshops to help people understand more about the causes of stress and its effects as well as how to live more balanced lives and cope with life and work events which bring on stress related symptoms more effectively.

These workshops are designed for groups of people from companies or from the general public. Depending on time constraints and budget a typical workshop will take 1 or 2 days.

There is no requirement for delegates to ‘share’ their problems or challenges.

The workshops are practical in nature, with the objective of providing delegates with a set of tools and techniques which will help them to identify stressors as they occur and deal with any symptoms early.

Typical Agenda

  • Introduction and objectives
  • Stress questionnaire
  • Discussion about the mind, stress and ABC of unhelpful thought patterns
  • Guided relaxation exercise
  • Discussion about symptoms
  • Self induced relaxation exercise
  • Discussion about the importance of diet
  • More on ABC
  • Physical exercises
  • Discussion on inappropriate coping strategies (e.g. alcohol, drug abuse)
  • Rapid destressors
  • Closing remarks