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Some self help ideas

Create your own changes
Create your own changes

If you would like to try to help yourself with some different techniques or processes take a look at the free downloads available below.


If you think you might be overstressed why not take download this stress questionnaire (PDF Document) and see if you would benefit from relaxation or self hypnosis.

Want to listen to a recording?

Click here Relaxation Recording (MP3 Recording) to listen to a short recording designed to help you relax.

Try something for yourself?

Any of these three downloads can be used to help you help yourself.

This document is a very short set of instructions and guidelines aimed at helping you to use this powerful technique: Introduction to Self-Hypnosis (PDF Document)

Activating your peripheral vision can almost instantly reduce stress and help you to relax. This document gives some background information and instructions for practising: teleognosis peripheral vision (PDF Document)

This is a technique I use with clients very often to help them build up their own psychological and emotional strength, bring in positive and beneficial behaviours and emotions and get rid of unwanted feelings and actions:  Self integration (PDF Document)