Will your resolution be new this year?

What’s is your New Year resolution for 2015?

Many of us make the same new year resolution year in, year out. Each 1st January we promise ourselves that we will lose weight, get fit, stop smoking, start a new venture, be more confident or any of a whole set of other things.

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Do you keep making the same New Year Resolutions?

And to our disappointment we often fail to reach our goals partially or even completely, and sometimes we forget about them altogether as the enthusiasm of the first few weeks fades and ‘life’ takes over.

Then on the following January 1st we start all over again. We often set ourselves the same goal with exactly the same mindset. Now however we have a memory of not keeping to the promise we made to ourselves before and so have a less than optimistic view of our own chances of success this time.  The result…. yet again we fail to keep to the resolution we made and eventually making the commitment itself becomes self defeating and almost a joke amongst family, friends and most important of all, ourselves.

My own view is that any day is a good day to make a decision to do something different with your life, however if it has to January 1st and you’ve tried the same resolution time and time again with little or no success, why not try something completely different?

For example why not resolve to do something that you would really like to do that you have not tried or experienced before?  Often our resolutions are in the form of denial (food, nicotine, alcohol etc) or ‘pain’ (running, going to the gym) which our subconscious mind finds difficult to cope with or too nebulous (e.g. “I want to be more confident” or “start a new venture”) which means that we don’t really know what they mean in reality.

What would be more effective is to think of those resolutions in terms of the end result benefits; being fitter, healthier; more successful, more in control and so on.  Doing something positive that you feel good about will help you towards a success mind set and then you will find it easier to achieve more challenging aspirations.

Try to achieve something positive, new and different that you really want

Try to achieve something positive, new and different that you really want

You could also give yourself a short term goal rather than something for the whole year.  For example if you decided to give yourself a new resolution just for January,  you are more likely to stick to it.

Then when you come to February you might like to continue for a second month or think up a different challenge for that month and so on.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to look back at the end of 2015 to a year’s worth of a variety of achievement?

Another alternative is to share a joint target with another person or a group so you can both give and receive moral support.  It is often easier to achieve something by being part of a team with a common goal.

Whatever you decide there will be bumps in the road, setbacks and obstacles and you will feel like giving up, however if you keep the goal in mind and visualise how you will be when you have succeeded you will give yourself the best chance of keeping your promise to yourself.

Have a happ

Have a happy 2015

I wrote a bit about the use of visualisation and self-hypnosis in a blog last year and of course hypnotherapy can help to give you the confidence and inner strength to succeed.

Whatever you decide you want and however your decide to try to get there, I wish you lots of luck and success!


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