Can GROW coaching model help me achieve my 2016 goal?

Goals for 2016

For 2016, I’ve decided to give myself a a target for the year which is to blog more regularly on this site. I am going use the GROW coaching model to try to get there.

I have two reasons for this, firstly I like doing it and secondly it will help to promote my practice.

How can I achieve this?

Well, I recently purchased and read the excellent “Coaching for Performance” by John Whitmore. In it he discusses his GROW coaching model for helping people to improve performance and achieve the changes they seek.

I enjoy writing and my goal is to produce more

I enjoy writing and my goal is to do more

I thought it might be interesting to adopt his model and see if it could help me.

I also believe that there is a place for hypnotherapy, and possibly self hypnosis, at various places in the coaching process. Therefore I will incorporate that where I feel it is appropriate.

GROW, as you might have expected, is an acronym which stands for Goals, Reality, Options and Will.

Let’s explore each one in the context of my objective.


In this part of the process I get to think about and set my goal. It would be better if the goal was a stretch, albeit achievable and met the SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Time based).

In the GROW coaching model there are two other sets of parameters to be adhered to if possible. The first is PURE which requires that the goal should also be Positively stated, Understood, Relevant and Ethical. The second is CLEAR which stands for Challenging, Legal, Environmentally sound, Appropriate and Recorded.

A goal does not have to meet all of these, however the more it does satisfy the better the chance of it being achieved.

Obviously in a standard one to one coaching session the coach would use questioning and discussion to agree a goal with the coachee. For best results the goal should be set by the coachee.

After some self exploration, I have decided that my goal is to write one blog per month for this year. I would like to write more, however I do not think it would be achievable and in any case writing monthly is much more regular than I have managed in the past.

Would it be possible to use hypnotherapy to help someone identify and visualise goals? I certainly think so and have used that approach with clients in the past.


The second step is to review where I am now. In other words what is my current reality in the context of the goal.

Where am I?

Where am I?

This should be a thorough investigation which includes feelings as well as facts so that as complete a picture as possible can be created.

It is important to be honest about this step to become fully aware of my current position in relation to my goal.

Amongst other factors, I have a had a barrier to increasing my written output because I have told myself that that I do not have time to write these blogs.

I have also worried that I might struggle to find enough topics.

After thinking about these and other elements of my reality around blogging, I have come up with some ideas that might be able to help me achieve my goal. One of these is to keep a notebook in which I record ideas and notes for future blogs. This would avoid the stress of trying to create them on the spur of the moment.

Hypnotherapy, of course can be used to work through the emotional issues which hold us back and to clear those mental blocks which stop us moving towards our goals. It can also be used to enhance or develop inner resources which are needed for the goal.


This part of the process helps me to look at all the different ways in which I could work towards my goal and the alternatives I have before finally choosing which options give me the most satisfactory way to achieve it.

I can explore all the opportunities for doing this different and also look at the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches and whether I need some resources from other sources which could be of help.

For example, I have considered whether it would be possible say to write more than one blog at a time so as to get ahead of myself and discounted this as impractical.

I have considered the potential for changing the medium of my blog from the written to the spoken word (ie via podcast) or video (vlogging). However at least for the moment I will continue to publish a written blog and keep those alternatives in reserve for the future.

I have also thought about whether I could split longer blogs into 2 or more sections – and is that cheating?

Thinking about hypnotherapy for this step, it would be possible to use the sub conscious mind to come up with additional options and

What I will do

In this last step I have selected the options I am going to use in order to achieve my goal and also identified my criteria for success. These are 1 blog per month + a constant stream set of at least 3 ideas and notes for future blogs.

keeping ideas and notes for future blogs is part of the plan

Keeping ideas and notes for future blogs is part of the plan

I am starting immediately and l have allocated time to these tasks.

There are other elements to this phase including identifying any resistance to taking these actions, what support I might need and from whom, what could arise to hinder me and how have I planned to overcome them.

Hypnotherapy can be employed in this phase to visualise the actions and experience in the sub conscious mind the positive feelings associated with consistently undertaking the tasks needed for the goal.


It can also be valuable as a tool to help maintain or increase motivation and resilience at times when the path to success becomes difficult and a boost is needed.

What’s next?

For me to get this project moving and start noting down potential topics. I’m also going to use self hypnosis to help me during this process.

For you… If you want to see whether I meet my goal, just follow my blog!  If you want to explore how hypnotherapy can complement the coaching process why not get in touch.

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