It’s that time of year again – well nearly

So here we go again…. it is nearly National No Smoking Day. This year it is on March 13th so anyone who is keen to quit smoking has a couple of weeks to try to get themselves into the mindset to stop.

Stop smoking, Give up smoking, quit smoking,

Hypnotherapy can help you to quit smoking – for good

The organisers are, as usual, doing a great job in trying to bring the dangers of smoking into the general consciousness and this year are emphasising the financial benefits of quitting (“swap fags for swag”) in an effort to try to get people to stop…. and stay stopped.

In my 12 years experience as a hypnotist trying to help people stop however, I have rarely found that the financial aspects are of primary importance when people tell me why they want to kick the smoking habit. Much more common are their own health, wanting to live longer, wanting to see children and grandchildren grow up and a desire to take more control over their lives. Personally I think these motivate people more than some extra cash at the end of each week or month.

I do find it a bit disappointing however that once again the No Smoking Day campaign completely ignores any method for stopping smoking which does not include Nicotine Replacement Therapy (gum, patches, inhalator, lozenges, microtabs or nasal spray) or powerful Prescription Drugs (Champix – also known as varenicline and Zyban® – also known as bupropion).  I do not know why this is the case. Surely it would make sense to give people, especially those who have tried NRT or Prescription Drugs and still smoke something else to try?  It is not as if the statistics for sustained quitting as a result of these interventions point to a great deal of success.

My own view is that it if someone has tried to stop by going cold turkey, using NRT or Prescription drugs and they have succeeded that is fantastic and that if those therapies haven’t worked then perhaps it is worth trying acupuncture or hypnotism or CBT. In fact anything or even a combination of them might do the trick.

So if you are reading this, have tried everything else in your quest to become an ex-smoker and really want to stop, why not give hypnotism a go?  It is a drug free, rapid therapy during which the hypnotist communicates directly with that part of you that is ‘the smoker’ to suggest to it that you will live a healthier, happier life as a non smoker and that you can stop – permanently.

Obviously success is not guaranteed, however I believe that hypnotherapy offers a better chance of helping you to stop smoking than NRT and Prescription Drugs, and, depending on which hypnotist you choose, is likely to cost a lot less than NRT.


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