Want a new smile for 2014 but scared of the dentist? Help is at hand

I am very grateful to a dentist friend of mine, Richard Charon (http://www.the-ra-coach.co.uk/ ) who pointed to the very high number of people who are scared of the dentist amongst the UK population in a report which can be downloaded here I … Continue reading

So how is your New Year resolution coming along? Try visualising success to improve your chances.

Did you make a New Year resolution on December 31st or January 1st? Did you decide to lose weight, stop smoking, get fit, give up alcohol for January, work smarter, start a new business, take up a new hobby, spend … Continue reading

What do you really want to achieve success and meet your goals? Goal Directed Hypnotherapy can make it happen for you

Success and achievement How do you achieve success and meet your goals? Alice: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” The Cheshire Cat: “That depends a good deal on where you want to get … Continue reading

“Hypnotise your sales team for success”

Can hypnotherapy help improve the performance of sales people? One of the questions I am often asked is “what prompted you to become a hypnotherapist”? Well, some years ago I happened upon an article in the London Evening Standard entitled … Continue reading

I know it just ‘feels good’ but massage is really beneficial for physical and mental well-being as well

Holistic massage for relaxation, health and vitality I have recently, well in July actually, completed an ITEC based Diploma course in Holistic Massage which was being run at Newbury College. It was a wonderful experience and apart from making some … Continue reading